The Split Of Solitude (Split with Nothing)

by Libido Wins

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released May 15, 2009



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Track Name: Sons, Dreams, Homes
i'm not here to know you
or to discuss about myself
this life won't be enough to make it
a better end
i'm only taught how not to be
i'm not a father's son
you can talk about 'we's
but it's all about me
we're fuckin' done

you're invited to the Bay of Guilt
and we'll meet there,you 'filth'
watch me circling - i am ready for your taste
i sharpened my teeth to (easily) tear you apart
and i promise : i will do it,you fuck!

see the shades of dreams
and your family's ruined life?
than you should see that shark

i am ready to feel this mess
i am ready to chew your flesh
Track Name: False Invocation For Fallen Poets
pretty girls and pretty boys
we're throwing fists and feeling joy-
we're chrashing mirrors
and wearing masks
"we're loving it...
we don't pretend"
we are desperately seeking soul behind every song
and refinding hearts...
stretching quiet phones
we swear we're sweating in cold beds
reminisence's a false sidewalk until our detour's end
we are seeking isolation in the "übermensch" two
and pushing away everyone we've ever knew
(and now)
let's dedicate the last desperate song
for the shadow-hiding kids
and their 'rights and wrongs'
we're changing facts to become just like you
by never leaving our room...
paranoia is paving the way
for the boulevard of love and hate
thousand of regrets will lead us astray...
would you give me your soul to hear -
'i'm about to end these nights'
take a look into my eyes
and you'll see the bitter fights
with all the kids i left behind
"i never wanted this to become my song
i never wanted you to become my song"
Track Name: Love American (live)
Our love is all that we ever had
Our love is all that we'll ever have
Boys and girls, guys and dolls
You were finding faith in bathroom stalls
and broken beds, spring fractured spines
Fall for the right kids at all the wrong times
And in a world of sluts, we keep this wet dream alive
Yeah, our drought is drying out
You go nowhere in a nowhere town and no one's listening to the sound
of breaking down and breaking out is just wishful thinking

We're taking walks around the hearts and homes we'll never own
You go nowhere in a nowhere town and no one's listening to the sound
of breaking down and breaking out is just wishful thinking
You go nowhere in a nowhere town
We're growing up by falling down
We love the songs because we live the songs
in condemned flats between the rights and wrongs

And all we know is that we'll never know
We love the hearts but the hearts love us even more
Desperate and true, thinking of you
Borrowed and blue, sinking with you

Keep loving, keep breathing, keep living