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released August 20, 2008



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Libido Wins Hungary

4 friends from hungary.

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Track Name: Feeding The Corruption...
no words,insert yours
Track Name: (In)capacity
yesterday i wrote a song about my comebacks
it took some minutes to realize
that i have nothing but regrets
that song should have brought me another side
of breaking my reality time and time again
i can't feel anything beside this
that's why it's so fuckin sad
"i don't want to go back to that fuckin place
where everything hurt and made me cry"-
every feeling exists without its face
hating is the only option for you to hide
but i never will
life's too long and i live in pain
i do everything in the worst way
Track Name: Last Night We Drew Something Completely New
i am trapped in 'first time in my life'-s
i can't hug my beggings with my eyes (anymore)
this planet is closely hitting me with full-of-tears eyelids
wet lips slowly started to divide
as i'm trying to forget or am i trying to commit?
with our breaths we're getting attatched and pure
tears hold in my eyes conquer my soul
this is how that life ends and from it another breeds
those phrases gone so fuckin lovely with these "dearest descends"
i don't need to cut myself to feel alive again
save me some lines everyday
so a smile will be on my face
cut the strings and forget the miles
so we'll be called the worthwhiles
Track Name: Immature Lovesong Society
the troubled look i still release on you
"watered eyes can't hide what we're going through"
twisted tongues fed on crushed out dreams
we're searching for used news,they're still ill
your reflection spelled upon me is fuckin bleedin
(while) i try to reach out this trash called livin
"FUCK YOU DARLING!" - when can i finish these notes of farewell?
i almost ran out of the words i used to paint with
"FUCK YOU DARLING!" - there's no one to tell
that it kills me when i see it...
with your kisses dried on my face
i set sad sountracks of goodbye as our odes
i wish that i could find another way
and never keep real what i still hold on
Track Name: I Wrote This Ages Ago Before We Felt This
"i'm makin' out with history just to fuck my head"
another call from misery reminds me to don't forget to dread
every day is a sharp knife at my fuckin throat
these nights are killin me but i'm just making notes
"hey,are you made of wax?"
or am i the only one cursed with a heart
humming to be in the facts
these fucked up weeks're cutting me up
self-knowledge is the blade these times
being starry-eyed kills all of my dreams
i have only tears of sex and bed of lies
Track Name: Without Arrows
trading names for the emotions i've never had
saving some faith for the times i'll never have
"hey cupid use your arrows and shoot me already
or am i just a broken plan?" fuck every lover i see
and thank you for making me cheap
with your weapon in my hand
i could taste what's love
the last thing you'll ever get is your whisper
and my smile in the dark
your demise will be the start of our everything
Track Name: Epilogue Of The Chapters
we're dim superheros of a dime novel
the beauty is on it's way
so just breathe in this very last moment
it's fleeting,it's precious
i'll never want to be a memory
cast some fuckin motion
and let it flow with colors
this can't be art
the story isn't clear
there's nothing you should know
we are taking back our guidance
what was never truly ours
and we are wishing back our old dance
with useless words and hours
meaningless hugs wouldn't transform
into everliving smiles
i guess i forgot
to keep it all from falling down
when i was raped till i was being enthralled
i recognized i won't be loved
stringin up tragic tales
mouths filled with stomachs
"green eyes and pretty face
i need your lies so fuckin bad"
this is the worst story i've ever heard
embraced in misery
kept down by secrecy
trampled down by tragedy
hearts for hearts for the fantasy
Track Name: 8 of 9
they love to pretend that they are 'through' but they are monsters insted
i used to pretend to be a beast to hide why i am so cracked
why can such a love be so hated after all?
your songs recall everything that i don't want to live with
but they are just my soul,so they can't hurt me better than 'real life'
i used to love singing under clouds and stars about giving in
fuck these memories that say "i won't change in time"
sorry dear,i can only sing about having a broken heart for so long
if you called these words dead air,you'd be so fuckin wrong
and after all,i am 'pregnant' with all of your sins
i keep on turning myself in ,that's how my days always begin
sacrificing my everything for being cold
laying down every day with exploded worlds
i find my stolen feelings in 'tired heart anthems'
am i really alone with this?

"i miss you"-s turned into suicide lines
our love was never more than a hollow lie
Track Name: ...Is Nothing More Than Abortion
no words