The Crush Of The Century

from by Libido Wins



blinding lights;the sun sets above me
on a rusty train we hug mediocrity
nothing left but bittersweet apathy
just a flash: running to the room of diversity
for a worn out half-prophecy
that attaches to our hips
and grasps onto our lips
it’s the bed of lies that we lie in
we’re slowly ‘dancing’, skin against skin
just a flash: can this be an actual sin?
young bodies keep moving to the beat
of “we lack the energy” composed misery
nostalgia,blood,sweat,noise and injury
it’s our distorted symphony
well,sympathy’s a not needed accessory
is that you really wanna hear and see?
are we choosing to cope with our fear?
anyhow,one thing’s sure:
i’ll miss you dear
although we were never close,i guess we’ll never be
i’ll remember your face in bitter melodies,
in a handful of sorrowful songs to sing and scream
and no, a goodbye kiss doesn’t work as a remedy
was there a promising alternative?
was there something we believed in?


from Anhedonia, released February 14, 2016



all rights reserved


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