Nocturnal Diary Sessions - Part 2

from by Libido Wins



we are still promising too much without words
and we let our entire bodies shake
to the deafening songs we've never heard
(is this our future heartbreak?)
ohh,orchestra of nothingness,
just kill every dead-beat kids!
-including me…
because i swear tonight is the bleakest
ohh,ceremony of bittersweet harmonies
let the background fade into animosity
well,it’s sometimes kind of refreshing,
but i'm afraid i just can’t bury any of this...
in truth i could not demolish every taunting aspects of myself being tied to you
instead i built a castle of anguish inside me to keep everyone out
i did emerge to make these walls and i did so by empowering
the sickness i found in our hearts
i’m leaving home,may i walk the wildness freely?
i shall leave that grand building that i proudly erected"
... and this is what he said
and he was shivering all along
his stomach was in his mouth
and his hands were at his neck
is that the sign that his life will end tonight?
even if he did not believe in anything anymore
he still fainted for old love songs
„was there really anything or just youthful lust?”
he’s in between rights and wrongs
with a mixture of awe and disgust
he is mourning the daylight
that is yet to come
„it’s that wretched 3 am again
by 5 i am surely dead and gone”
yes,there's a harmony of giving up on everything you care about
he's the loneliest kid without any doubt
lying to liars and falling for the fallen
and in the end all the hearts are swollen
he finds faith in depressing ballads
all of those songs about taking his life sounds so valid
so he keeps nodding to those beats
and the tapping of his feet
become trembles on the shaking ground
that and his whispering are his only sound
„can i ever have another chance at life if i threw it away?
will i be remembered or will i perish in dismay?”
through panic attacks and long laments
i am shifting into a nightmare
and just to let you know,this is how it went:
>>i promise no suicide pact but a life of false happiness<<
and he dances to the misery of his life playbacked in his ears
but don't you ever worry about him,
tonight this is all he wants to hear
he wants to dedicate the last song
with watered eyes he’s shouting at the black sky:
„can i ever have another chance at life if i threw it away?
can i ever have another chance at life if i threw it away?
will i be forgotten or will someone miss me?
just tell me…
i want the answers now and here,
it’s only everything,it’s only everything…


from Anhedonia, released February 14, 2016



all rights reserved


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