Everyday Kalopsia

from by Libido Wins



but i woke up next to you the other day
and nothing was the same,
somehow nothing's ever changed
so i have to ask this once again:
"is there a point in composing depressing refrains?"
and i know you would say:
"yes,my dear,otherwise there's a big chance
we'll go completly insane"
who would frame the lives of these kids without fate?
who would hum a song about love,life,trust and faith
when we just can’t relate to anything?
this is getting so nostalgic
who are we supposed to be?
we are all we’ve left here-
a remixed version of our tragedy
hollowness is dripping as the clock counts
my myriad late night fights
seconds became decades,thanks for this plague
you say we can't understand
and here's our shallow end
i am truly fucked to hell
it's desperate,it became counterfeit
and it's the biggest non-sense
this is the most severe that we felt
this is my hands shredding through our chests
to skin the love from our hearts


from Anhedonia, released February 14, 2016



all rights reserved


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